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Inlay Cards

Gaiaka offers a large variety of Printed Inlay cards in both digital and offset printing. The higher the quantity per card type the lower the cost per card.

Whilst the smaller quantities are digital prints and are quick on turnaround time the others get printed offset.

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2 Face Printed Single Card 4 Face Single Side Printing 2 Face 2 Card Print Top View
Top and Bottom Inlay for Inlay for Regular DVD library

CD Printing | DVD Printing | CD Duplication | DVD Duplication

After the discs have been recorded either by CD Replication or by CD Duplication(CD-R),then the discs need to be printed with the artwork that the user needs.

There are 4 ways to print a disc,

1)Digital Printing.
2)CD SilkScreening.
3)CD Offset.
4)Thermal Printing.

Digital printing :
This method of CD printing is used to print small quantities of discs and uses a specially coated printable surface along with a inkjet printer that can print a digital directly on your disc, this is normally used for small quantities upto 500 pcs .
CD Silk screening:
This method uses a CD silk screening machine to print CMYK+ white base onto either a replicated disc , or a disc recorded by the CD Duplication process. This process of CD printing is generally used for quantities that are from 500 – 2000  pcs. The inks used in the CD printing process is, actually brighter and generally gives a fresher and vibrant feel to most artworks. Very fine details are possible to be reproduced for the discerning eye and certain artworks are best printed using this method.

Offset CD Printing:
This method is generally used for printing large volumes and will give very fine detail, the print has a matt effect  and therefore not suitable for vibrant and glossy prints.
Thermal CD printing:
A thermal printer has 4 color ribbons that transfer an artwork to a white printable surface disc and is generally   used for small quantities up-to 500pcs. This method has the highest cost per print and low to medium resolution therefore not popular.
So to sum up the choice of print is determined by your artwork, your budgetthe quantity , and the turnaround time needed for the print.

CD Duplication | DVD Duplication | CD Replication | DVD Replication


When the quantity required is low and job is required urgently, then blank CD-Rs are used to record on  industrial grade duplication system which consists of many  drives connected together on a dedicated system that allows discs to be written at once. The write speed is chosen carefully after testing the blank disc’s and  is normally 24X or lesser depending on the test results in order to create a reliable disc that will work on all players.

After the discs are recorded they are then printed with the clients artwork in order to decorate the surface.

The most critical part in this process is the testing of the discs before, during and after recording.

CD Duplication or CD-R Duplication can be used to produce quantities as low as 50 pcs. With no  stamper costs as in CD replication, it is a very efficient method to produce discs-on-demand.

With a promise of a life of 5-10 yrs CD duplication is a reliable way to produce Compact Discs.

CD/DVD Printing | CD/DVD Replication | CD/DVD Duplication

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