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When the quantity required is low and job is required urgently, then blank CD-Rs are used to record on  industrial grade duplication system which consists of many  drives connected together on a dedicated system that allows discs to be written at once. The write speed is chosen carefully after testing the blank disc’s and  is normally 24X or lesser depending on the test results in order to create a reliable disc that will work on all players.

After the discs are recorded they are then printed with the clients artwork in order to decorate the surface.

The most critical part in this process is the testing of the discs before, during and after recording.

CD Duplication or CD-R Duplication can be used to produce quantities as low as 50 pcs. With no  stamper costs as in CD replication, it is a very efficient method to produce discs-on-demand.

With a promise of a life of 5-10 yrs CD duplication is a reliable way to produce Compact Discs.